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Wave to Wave Performance Boat Magazine     "Screaming Eagle Boats, Talon 22 - The Talon 22 is without a doubt one of the most stunning designs of any boat from any time. I remember seeing one in a magazine as a kid and it literally looked like a spaceship compared to other boats. With a wide stance and swept back fairing, the small Talon looks like it was designed in a wind tunnel by an F1 racing team. But, it was actually designed and originally built by Gary Armington, who previously built a 21 that was unique but not the caliber the 22 is. Not long ago the molds exchanged hands and are now being built by Screaming Eagle Boats. The owner Todd Lamb, has posted some awesome builds recently and it looks like they are doing a great job. You can get a brand new one from them and when rigged with a 300 XS will eclipse 100 MPH no problem. Still one of the nicest looking small tunnels around, they are a center pod design that can handle big power and is a really stable boat that is near impossible to beat. The hull is exactly 22’ with an 8’ beam and weighs about 1,150 Lbs."

"Eat. Sleep. Boat. Repeat."